Preserving Memories: Strategies for Successful Family Portraits

Preserving Memories: Strategies for Successful Family Portraits

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Family portraits are an important part of our heritage. They preserve history. They record family growth. They document changing styles (some good, some not-so-good!). More than that, however, portraits seem to call to us and will garner our attention almost immediately 야구중계 when we enter a room. These, among many other reasons, are why family portraits continue to be so popular. It’s also why portraiture is one of the most popular areas of study at photography schools.

While almost all get looked at, only a few spark the phrase, “That’s a good picture!” Why is it that since most photographers go through photography school, only some family portraits gain compliments while others seem ordinary? The posing strategies and selections of photographers play a big role. Photographers tend to get into ruts taking the same styles of portraits over and over. When you feel this happening to you, it’s time to shake things up with new ideas about posing families.

Natural Sittings (and Settings) Are Popular

First and foremost, keep things light. The days of stiff family portraits where...

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